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I think the Launch Pad would work better as a Desktop Gadget, enabling the features to run from there. As it is now, in clicking the F-Secure Notification Area icon, thus loading the Launch Pad, then loading the console, is one unnecessary click. Just have it launch into the full console mode with one click, and again, the options the Launch Pad now has, put those into a Gadget.

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  • Kalastaja
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    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. It addresses a few area's, so I'll reply to each of those separately. 1) The importance of the systray as a manner of starting application is diminishing, so this is not seen as the primary method for starting applications. 2) The Launch pad and its functionality is planned to further evolve. Among others it will not only host IS2012, but also other applications as well as additional features related to the applications it hosts. 3) The current gadget is to be reviewed since it's now linked to one application, Computer Security and indeed one option would be to make it more link to Launch pad and its functionality.
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    Thank you Kalataja for your update on my suggestion. Smiley Happy


    To be honest, I've been a little conflicted by my suggestion as I use F-Secure more and more ( Security Suite 2012).  In that the Launch Pad comes in handy in that I don't have to minimize or hit the desktop shortcut on my Notification area to see some of the F-Secure shortcut options, as the Launch Pad pops up on top of open windows. So in that sense, I agree with you and the Launch Pad concept and maybe leave it alone. Maybe do just a little more with the Desktop Gadget itself?


  • For people who are familiar with IT and don't necessarily want any gadgets or launch pad like features to pop up and float on screen, could it be possible to remove launch pad and only open f-secure interface from tray instead. (I'm using anti-virus 2012)

    Is it possible to uninstall launch pad feature? The whole F-secure appears as "Launch pad" in add/remove programs so I guess not. Is there a separate installer maybe? 

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    Jamiboy, familiarity with IT has nothing to do with launch pad...

    Trust me

  • I trust you and...
    Why do you need it to open F-secure panel? ...or more f-secure website? 

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    That's designed to be used with more than one FS module(application). That really helps a lot then.

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    Closing as obsolete. Launch pad is long gone.


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