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I recently did a clean reinstal of FSIS 2015 after running the uninstall tool, I noticed that the components in the Common Settings - Downloads section are somewhat different now.


I can't remember everything that used to be listed but therewere CCF components which are now no longer listed, what are/were those CCF components and does this Download component list look ok?




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    Your list of updates looks like OK. :) And related with clean/fresh installation probably. As should be.


    CCF Scanning (?) components... under list of updates (or something else and other - such as modules) can be after new upgrade/update to "global" version of FSIS 2015 (such as... it's can be "next build").

    With fresh/clean installation current components comes as "default basic" for current stable version/build.

    And it's part of "main" installation, which comes as "basic". So... it's probably not listed by that reason.


    When upgrade/update (which can be as "fix") comes for something about this...  it will be already under list of updates.


    Anyway... if your list is wrong. It's mean.. any my tries with "clean/fresh installation" comes also with current wrong design.

    But maybe it's OK and explanation (from my dreams) can be just "it will be listed, when comes new upgrade/new update" (after clean installation) for current things (which already will be not just as part of "installer" as build/version).


    Little addition: also.... maybe you able to right-click tray-picture (F-Secure) and open "About". There will be list of components (which comes as default) with version-numbers.  With Browsing Protection and Antivirus - same thing.

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