Freedome VPN running on iPhone 6+ tethered to PC, VPN connection not tethering over?


I'm running the Freedome software on my iPhone 6+, and standalone on the phone it works great. However, I use my mobile data connection on my PC as well by tethering the phone with an USB cable. The connection transfers over just fine, but the VPN does not. I tested this several times by changing the country from the Freedome application to Sweden, then checking my ip on my phone to see that the VPN is working. I then did the same on my PC, and it showed the location to be in Finland. 

I've tried switching on the Freedome app on my phone before tethering it to my computer, but this did not work. Is there any way I could get the Freedome VPN to transfer over from my phone to my computer?


Thanks in advance!


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