Spy Shelter...is this a fake software?

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Hi All,


Have any one of you here using Spy Shelter Software???


Is this a fake software??? I really don't know, never use this before.


Any recommendations??? Please posted here.




  • Simon
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    I've never used it but can't find anything bad about it from a quick Google search. In fact, it seems to be quite highly rated.
  • Ukko
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    But also when I go to download trial-versions now... it's already comes with outdated signed certificate (?).


    Such as... it was signed by certs, which goes be already "outdated" today... or something another wrong there (or as design) with that. :)


    So... also (because I will goes to pause... about new try and experience) how I remember.. Spyshelter after uninstallation goes clearly, but some of drivers (network drivers) can be stuck with system (but there can be a reason with 32/64 bit difference and variants of OS). Such as... 64bit - it's a premium feature. I have less experience about 64bit systems and SpyShelter. With another ones.. it's OK, but it's can not be another situation with that kind of "design of protection". It's not really modern ones, but can be angry-protection and it's still work. But also SpyShelter have some points.... which break any protection-features. So... I always thought about SpyShelter as additional to main protection-software (original reason... was "solution" for re-place default Windows Firewall and as additional layer/personal firewall for F-Secure IS; After some experience... I decided.. to stop do that... because Windows Firewall more powerful in compatibility things, F-Secure have most of layers.. which goes be with SpyShelter also and where it's not so greatest. And some of specific features of SpyShelter can be replaced by another software, tools....  or can be not important with local situations. It's also related with virustotal uploader (there I mean features, which can not be as "specific ones" - but comes with SpyShelter as default)). But with all of strange security-applications.... SpyShelter most interesting for me as "close to nice" :) .

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