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F-secure meets most my needs, I am running Technical preview 10 and still have trouble stopping f-secure from blocking,  quarentine or removing files I know are not dangerous or files I want to keep.

I have used the location exclusion and f-secure stills checks there.  

 There should be an ignore or forget setting.  Other than this issue,  f-secure is great. Thanks for letting me participate in the data. 

Thank you 



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    Can be trouble-point... that you created rules for manual-scanning exclusions lists, but real-time scanning exclusions list still without rules about "ignored folders/directories/files"? Or another variant.


    F-Secure have different lists for various type of scanning (manual and real-time) and for prevent detection by both of variants.. need to create exclusion under both lists.


    Sorry if I wrong understand your words or situation.

  • Thank you for your reply, I will try creating both lists.
  • Thank you again, I am testing the new settings with both lists now.
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