Product feels very limited in information

 I would like to se more information displayed on GUI and some kind activity indicator in task tray


Thing I would like to see is more information about the following..


For the Automatic Update GUI..I dont just want to see the number of updates released

I would like to se the total definition the user is currently protected aginst

For now the only way to see this is looking in the aquarius folder and open Update.txt


For the Antivirus GUI..I would like to se more information about recently scanned files

Driver/Folder path not just the total amount scanned files


It Would be nice to have a activity indicator in F-secures tray


One other thing I would like F-secure to add is a Pause button when scanning the PC




  • Sami_Visti
    Sami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Danne,


    Thanks for your feedback. Since nowadays more and more protection is provided based on cloud based protection, the virus definition update frequency is not as important as it used to be. Our design principle is to keep the user interface as clear and simple as possible. For that reason we have only one date on the database version is screen to inform the user when the definition was last time updated.




  • Sami_Visti
    Sami_Visti Posts: 56 Former F-Secure Employee
  • Cale
    Cale Posts: 168 F-Secure Product Manager

    Still lacking:

    • activity indicator
    • pause button in manual scan