My computer says I have a virus?

I am using a Dell windows computer, & my computer keeps telling me I have a virus called a "Trojan downloader" but I did a full scan on Malwarebytes & said I only had 1 virus, which was some random one I didn't know about. So I deleted it. But my computer keeps saying there's a Trojan downloader active on my computer!! & the only thing I've downloaded so far on my computer was a game called, "maplestory". Could this be a false virus, cause this is just from the anti-virus that comes with windows... Which is really crappy...


  • siramic
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    When you say your computer says you have a virus, are you getting a pop up? Are you using Microsoft Security Essentials?

    I would suggest that you use F-Secure's Online Scanner, and see what it comes up with. Here is more info. from their website


  • it could probably be multiple anti-virus programs. you should usually have one. If not, then the virus could have already rooted it self deep into your C drive. i recommend a deep scan from an anti-virus you buy at a store, and if not a factory reset of your CPU

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