F-Secure Beta Experience on Windows 8.1

What I liked about the Beta so far is that the interface is simple and straight forward. The gaming mode feature is a plus.


The banking protection feature was great, easy and straight forward with everything automated. The online browsing protection worked great warning me about potential malicious sites. The browser protection works a little better compared to Anti-virus products.


The beta caught my virus test file off the bat as well as two zipped files of containing adware. The plus was when I downloaded the files the beta scanned the files immediately without any intervention and deleted them immediately.


Windows notification center states that no anti-virus is detected but it shows that it is there running and updated when I click the notification balloon. This will go back and forth 4 to 5 and than stop. This usually occurs when the system starts.


The beta is also light on system resources and doesn't bog down the system. I don't really use safe search but after checking it out it would great if you could include search providers. I'm a bigger fan of Bing than Google.


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