Freedome VPN 2.1 for iOS 8 beta project starts!

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We're about to start a beta project for our new Freedome VPN 2.1 on iOS 8!


This new Freedome VPN version has improvements in changing the virtual location without the need to reinstall the VPN configuration profile. This is a much requested feature by our users and we're very happy to offer you the possibility to try it out!


If you want to participate in this beta project, here are some requirements:


1. You want to provide us feedback, good or bad, as well as bug reports in case something unexpected happens.
2. You have either an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 operating system. iOS 7 users cannot apply.
3. You will need to install Apple's TestFlight app to your iPhone or iPad as the beta version is distributed through that. This is the standard way how beta testing is done through Apple App Store.


If you still want to participate to this beta, please let us know your e-mail address. This is needed for the Apple App Store, otherwise you will not be able to install the beta version through the TestFlight app. You can send the address to us by e-mail at But be quick - we can take in only the 100 first applicants!





[Edited on December 3rd: Corrected the version number to 2.1.]


  • JOnes
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    just got the new beta delays with getting to settings noticed,guessing this i a beta "feature".

    Any plans to get the display rotation feature included with Ipad-freedome?,same question with the Fsecure Key...
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