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I am new to posting and F-secure. I installed F-secure to my 2 month old acer laptop several days ago. This caused my laptop to crash - blue screen of death and trying to restart continually, even though i removed the old virus protection software (McAfee) first. It is now back in the shop with the tec guys trying to revive it, but I am cautious about trying to reinstal F-secure when I get it back incase it does it again. Does anyone have experience or has heard of this problem occurring?



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    Probably should be all OK between your device, system and F-Secure.


    But just because here can be various reasons about situation.... for first.. maybe I want to ask...

    Do you have experience with specific tool by McAfee about uninstallation. Or you have experience just with common-steps and common-uninstallation process?!


    Such as... McAfee after uninstallation can be with a lot of "trash"-files or something more worst. With pre-installed version probably can be same situation.


    McAfee (same with other companies) have specific tool as uninstaller (registry clean/folders/files/drivers/hooks or clean after troubles with installation)....


    Probably it's called something around MCPR (Consumer Products Removal tool) - you able to search it by that words.. or by "McAfee Uninstallation Tool" and get any links for official website (as McAfee source... or it was specific version of brand-based.. maybe here available to get from current source also).


    It's really can be required.. after common steps for uninstallation process. Such as...


    first - uninstallation by control panel (as Windows default-things).

    second - current tool for clean/removal something, which can be reason for conflict (and BSODs).


    With my experience... I'm not remember about something same, but I always with experience about McAfee uninstallation tool after "default uninstallation". And time to time... also manually clean some things around. Because usually.. can be situation, when McAfee not available to be installed normally without current steps. :)


    Also maybe here can be any tips about restore-points/back-up points or other default Windows things for (recovery points or other).... for prevent situation... if crash was related with something another.


    Also good.. if we talk about some kind of fresh versions of F-Secure.




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    Could you confirm if you use the specific uninstaller provided by McAfee? This problem sounds like incompatibility with some left-over traces of a third party anti-virus, as Ukko suggested.


    PS: @newfsecureuser I moved this thread to the correct board.

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