im a virginmedia customer can anyone help,when virgin took on f-secure it was free for 12 months no problem,my subscription is up in 20+ days on virgins website it says automatically renewed on my page ie f-secure i have to manually renew according to my account,now i dont want it to lapse and wondered if anyone out there has had the same message sent to them and what they did about it.


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Topcat99,


    Please review this video and the instructions below to perform your SAFE renewal.


    Let us know if you encounter any difficulties.

  • lottiet

    I have had the F-Secure through Virgin Media for 12 months now and am trying to renew my subscription, however, when I log onto the F-Secure site and click on the renew button it keeps coming up with a message saying:



    There is a temporary issue to proceed to checkout. Please try again later.


    This has been going on for 5 days now - when will the site be working???  I am at work when the 'helpdesk' is open so can't get any support.


    Has anyone else experienced this and how was it resolved?

  • Ukko
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    Do you mean some of specific websites for Virgin Media. Or just common website for F-Secure SAFE as "My Safe".

    It's can be different ones and just with F-Secure SAFE as "My Safe" - I have experience (as user) and can to talk about.

    But just one question before....

    Can it's be something with browser?!  Do you have experience with another one (various) browsers to do renewal?

  • topcat99
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    Maybe you should forward this link to lottiet! Thank you.
  • lottiet

    its just the F-Secure site that has the error message. No other issues with any other links from Virgin or any other sites. I get a pop-up message advising that secuity has expired when I open Chrome and when I click on renew now it takes me to the F-Secure web page. I can log in fine and it shows me the devices I had previously covered but when I click on the option to renew I am constantly getting the error message - it wont let me get to the pament options screen. It says it is a temporary fault but I have been trying to renew since last week.

  • JohannesL
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    Hi, lottiet!


    Have you been able to renew your safe license?


    Have you tried to fill out our support request and see if the support can solve it?

    Support Request

  • SP1974

    My free subscription is due to expire & when I try to renew it's coming up with a cost of £79.99 rather tan £25 for virgin media customers.  Nothing on my subscription has changed - how do I get it for £25?

  • Captain_Daveman
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    Re: Virgin Media customers Exclusive offer F-Safe 1 Year 5 Devices Renew subscription of £25,00



    I had this problem, it wasted the best part  of the day.  I have just been in via Virgin Media, Internet Security, F-Secure, My Account, Renew.   Because I could not get the year I went to two years and got that for £44 down from £129 I think.

    This was an even better deal than the one year deal and saves even more. This only took about 20 mins to do and all  is now sorted for 2 years.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi SP1974!

    It seems that this issue has now been solved, if you take a look at this thread: Please let me know if that doesn't work for you!
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