Report: Self-Protection for Antivirus Software

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"An Internet security suite provides full system protection, employing all available protection technologies. But what about the self-protection of the system protectors? Do they use protection technologies such as DEP and ASLR for their own use? AV-TEST examined 32 applications to find out."




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    F-Secure would like to thank AV-Test for making the public aware of the importance of protecting the software components against exploits. The AV-Test self-protection test did reveal a few files that were not protected adequately, this allowed us to fix a glitch in our process of making sure that all files in our product are adequately protected. The list of unprotected files did also include files that we do not consider necessary to protect. These consist mainly of DLL files that do not contain any runnable code, these are left out of the process by design.

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