Can't download security on tablet. F Secure not responding to "Chat" - just left hanging.


Have tried to download from Play, but wants a subscription key, which I didn't get only a "cleverley" number whatever that is.


Tried to download from normal login, but didn't work as only showed half the screen on my tablet.


Nobody is answering F Secure "chat" so I am getting very frustrated.


I paid money for this, but they are not contactable.


Anyone help please????!!!


  • Waiting
    Waiting Posts: 8 New Member

    Very poor service.


    Wrong answers on chat.


    kept being referred to "community" question that didn't answer it.


    finally had to get telephone number.


    spent 30 mins on the phone.  the problem is the browser.  I changed to Chrome.


    It took me 3 hours in total to sort this out.


    Awful service from F-secure, to a simple problem i.e. their download for f secure mobile security doesn't work on general internet browser.  Had to change it to Chrome. 

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Waiting,


    I am really sorry you feel we did not provide you with help in a timely manner.
    Rest assured that we are always working on bringing you the best support possible.

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