F-Secure is blocking communication between Flash Pro Manager and Hondata

I am having issues with my firewall not letting the hondata communicate with the Flashpro Manger program. I have to restart the my computer with the firewall off, uninstall the drivers than reload the drivers for the flashpro manager to communicate with Hondata.  Hondata is an ECU programming box for a Hondata Civic and Flashpro Manager is where to change you settings.  I need to know how to let these communicate together.  I have allowed it to communicate through firewall and is a trusted program.  Im not sure what else to check.  It plugs in by USB to the computer.


Windows 8.1  (Up to date)
F-Secure - Antivirus/firewall

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    You could also check that F-Secure isnt blocking the program by looking at F-Secure -> deepguard -> change application permissions  and see what the status for both of them are there.

    If they are allowed or blocked.


    Br Niklas

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