TP126 Windows Client Release

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fs protection 2.23 build 296


If the above is correct, TP126 is installed on my machine, but without any upgrade prompt.  I only noticed it had upgraded because the icons have changed.  Will this be the procedure for future upgrades?


  • Ukko
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    Probably.... better to check information from "Computer Security" About, where will be more related numbers with TP-numbers.


    And maybe changes around colors, logos, CleanupTool view and some other things... related with updates by other part of installation as separate-feature "in use" (which not related with common upgrade from one tp to next, where will be more ).


    But maybe it was mistake, because new features about scanning-process already available too.

  • martink
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    ""Computer Security" About" ???????

    educate me please. Are you talking about right clicking the fs protection icon in the system tray and selecting About from the pop up menu?


    If that is the case I do not see the TP numbers there.


    Yesterday I got the pop up about upgrade. Upgrade progressed smoothly and no reboot needed.

    I've got the same information as above in the About.


    Then today just received

    Subject:     Delay to new My FS Protection UI
    Resent-Date:     Wed, 26 Nov 2014 19:30:04 +0000 (UTC)
    Resent-From:     [email protected]
    Date:     Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:29:53 -0800
    From:     [email protected]


    We have been trying to upgrade your My FS Protection UI for the past two days but have run into some issues. We strongly believe that this will be completed tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!


    Now I am totally lost.

    Is the email referring to TP126 or something else. What was upgraded yesterday if anything?

  • Simon
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    It's quite simple. TP126 is the Windows Desktop Client - the FS Protection program, and My FS Protection is the portal - the website where you login to install the program, like the SAFE portal.

    It's the portal they're having problems with, not the program upgrade.

    I received the program update today, via the prompt, but I'm still curious as to why the icons updated the day before!
  • Ukko
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    ""Computer Security" About" ???????

    educate me please. Are you talking about right clicking the fs protection icon in the system tray and selecting About from the pop up menu?





    Sorry for wrong words and "wrong using words".


    And I talk about next things:


    -> You able to open FS Protection by double-click for desktop-logo-picture.

    Will be main UI.

    You able to get there "Help-button" and under pop-up menu "About"-string.

    Current string should be more related with number of "TP" version.


    And how I can to understand:

    -> tray-picture logo with right-lick and "About" will be for "Launch pad" (version);

    -> main UI will be for "Computer Security/Antivirus" (version, which more related with TP number); With my situation.. it's can be "fs protection 14.126 build 100 "(TP126) and for previous ones can be "14.125 .... " (TP125), but for next "14.127 ...."  and etc.

    -> UI for "Online Safety/Browsing Protection (version) will be for current ones (which can be "step before" or also related with TP-number);



    And about letter... how it already was with description around.

    It's about place, where available to get installers, re-change name of devices and such as "portal".


    Maybe this upgrade (for web-page interface and some of features under web-page as your account for FS Protection manage-panel) related with changes around UI with TP126. And it was planned to be "connected".

    And why logos/colors (and new features, in fact) before "prompt about upgrade".... maybe it's just testing for standalone variant for hotfixes/upgrading and other changes, which can be without "hard" steps for upgrade under prompts for users (and which can be related with features of  F-Secure NIF module).

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