Alarming Email from F-Secure Customer Service on Unsolicited Email Address Change

I don't use a backup product from F-Secure, but I got the alarming email below that they'd gone and changed my email address somehow.


This was in response to an existing ticket about a totally different issue and while I haven't checked all the links in it, they look like regular F-Secure properties. And the response email address was to F-Secure. (So I don't think it was just out of the blue spam)


Question: Has anyone seen an email like this recently (with address [email protected])? Or did their customer service just mix this up?


(EMAIL THEY SENT) Dear [my name], With regards to your inquiry, please be advised that your email address have been changed as per requested and your email address is [email protected] . please follow the below steps to install Frontier Content Anywhere program. 1st - Open your Internet Browser and go to 2nd - Enter the your email address (which should be the same email address that you use for the Frontier Backup and Sharing program) and the password that you have received in the email from Frontier. 3rd - Once logged in, click on the arrow pointing down at your name beside the search box and the click on download application and save it to your desktop. 4th - Double Click on the Content Anywhere application to upgrade your Frontier Backup and Sharing program to Content Anywhere and follow the instructions shown to complete the upgrade. 5th - Click on Continue setup once Content Anywhere have been installed. 6th - Give a name for your Device > Click next > Choose the folders that you want to backup > Click next > Click Finish. 7th - Now the Frontier Content Anywhere installation is completed and have been setup successfully in your computer. Important Note: Please make sure that all your files have been restored to your computer from the Frontier Backup and Sharing program as your Frontier Backup and Sharing program will be uninstalled automatically after the upgrade is complete. Best regards, Lingeswaran Lingeswaran Satgurunathan Technical Support Engineer F-Secure Corporation UK: +44 208 822 3632 US: +1 866 295 2725 AUS: +61 1300 195 516





  • Hönö
    Hönö Posts: 64 Contributor

    All I can say is that if I would receive such an email, I would be equally alarmed. That message does not make any sense, no matter how I try to look at it. For example, if it was sent to the wrong customer, it still doesn't make sense, as it refers to another company that provides another "Computer Security" product (besides the Content Anywhere product that is mentioend in the message). Why would F-Secure support explain how to sign up for a competitor's product! Very strange indeed.

  • Hönö
    Hönö Posts: 64 Contributor

    There are two things I had to check immediately:

    1. F-Secure Browsing Protection seems to think there is nothing wrong about the Frontier site.
    2. The company to which the first URL refers to actually does hold that URL, according to Whois database (

    Neither of these points makes me convinced that you should follow the advice given in the message, or even respond to the message in any way.

  • MatrixLeader
    MatrixLeader Posts: 29 Observer

    Good luck getting any response! I have sent to support tickets and didn't get a reply for 72 hours, their Twitter account is dead, this forum is dead, live chat is dead, no agents available. I think the company is going bankgrupt and we all got burned

  • Simon
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    With regards the email, it does seem a little confusing, but it also seems that Frontier could be a legitimate associate of F-Secure:'s%20Personal%20Cloud%20Service

  • Hönö
    Hönö Posts: 64 Contributor

    That only adds to the confusion.

    The press release says " an enhancement from F-Secure’s previous online backup service." I cannot find anything named Content Anywhre from F-Secure product offering, so is this the old service that F-Secure ramped down in June? Or is it by an alias name? Or something else alltogether? And if alex_fsecure was having a support conversation on something completely different, why would F-Secure support treat it as a Frontier support ticket?


    This is getting funny now.

  • alex_fsecure
    alex_fsecure Posts: 4 New Member

    Thanks for the responses, all. Hopefully F-Secure responds soon to clarify. I can't make heads or tails of it either.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,604 Superuser



    Just can to add... that "Content Anywhere" was related with F-Secure too much close as "various of solutions" or "conception"; And maybe still same situation.


    Such as during "F-Secure Online Backup" was "Content Anywhere" meanings too much often. It was available as tools for mobile devices (for example, same with FIP CAN, Child Safe / Safe Browser).


    And with younited - first time (and on current time).... a lot of "tracking points" goes with Content Anywhere. Such as any things can be: any gateway time-outs with current description, some of links/urls/sources and with some of other applications/places.


    And for my opinion "Content Anywhere" - it's just some kind of "original"-name for operators/partners work... such as.... previously related with Online Backup, now with younited. And can be with various names - if it goes to be provided by operator/other company as re-branding/SaaS.


    And can be situation, when F-Secure younited (as application; or  F-Secure Online Backup before) can be not available during "set up" under network-provider/operator (such as Frontier can be)... and already need to use login-name/service-place with "specific" steps (which should be comes from Frontier). Probably it's can be more visible.... with background about "original question" and just not answer about something, where explained.. "how to start use new service after replacing". Such as... one of suggestions.. it should be upgraded from "Frontier Content Anywhere" to "Frontier younited" automatically :) Sorry if I wrong understand reasons about "Frontier" and "Content Anywhere" there (also it's can be related with business-solutions).


    And also I can to understand "Content Anywhere" as infrastructure, service, background by F-Secure and current "name" as descriptio for "common things around". Which can be "in use" with various views and variants by other F-Secure's partners (and by F-Secure also).

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Alex_fsecure,


    It seems that you receive this email following a request from Frontier support to perform this action.

    Did you have a support case ongoing with this operator?

  • alex_fsecure
    alex_fsecure Posts: 4 New Member

    Ben- No I do not. Also, I am not [email protected]


    And this was in response to a previous ticket  that I filed w/ F-Secure about an unrelated matter (minor matter; completely closed weeks ago). 


    Just to be clear, I have absolutely no relationship with Frontier whatsoever, nor do I use 'Content Anywhere'. The only product I have is F-Secure SAFE.


    I still have not heard from your support and I would appreciate a prompt and clear explanation of the email I received.



  • alex_fsecure
    alex_fsecure Posts: 4 New Member

    Understood- thank you for the follow up. 

  • lautjy
    lautjy Posts: 2 Former F-Secure Employee

    If you go to ""  which you perhaps didn't try due to your security concerns (gotta be wary of those blackhole exploits for sure!!), you can see it says "by F-Secure" bottom left corner.
    (Weird by the way that it is HTTP, not HTTPS, but it does redirect to HTTPS in the end..)


    The naming, selling, etc. of that product is done and decided by Frontier - a North American company, but the software service itself is provided "by F-Secure". Indeed "" is the F-Secure equivalent product here. So "content everywhere", or what was it, is the same service but handled by Frontier for its own customer base.


    That in mind,  I have no knowledge why your email got mixed up in their email campaign, but I hope that that part got cleared earlier.

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