Virus found during scan, no show in log


I did a full scan last night and first of all it took more than 7 hrs, and then during the scan the progress window showed that it had found 2 viruses. However, when the scan was finished there was nothing in the scan log about those found viruses. It said that 0 viruses were found.


I am a bit suspiscious as to what this means...does/could it mean that those initially found  viruses could be of the kind that counteract antivirus programmes, and that they might still be hiding in there?




  • Matharis
    Thanks! I'll look into the things you mention.
  • Niklas
    Niklas Posts: 28 Contributor



    Where you able to find the virus again as Ukko said?

    And have it been removed or quarantined on the pc?


    Br Niklas

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Matharis!

    Did you have a chance to give Ukko's suggestion a try? Please let us know if/when you have a status update :)


    Edit: please ignore my repetition; @Niklas apparently read my mind 2 minutes before me Smiley Very Happy

  • hello11
  • Matharis

    Somehow the viruses had sneaked into Quarantine. Strange though that nothing was mentioned in the log about their existence...


    So again, kudos to Ukko  and the suggestions that led me to the solution! :)

  • Ukko
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    Just forget to add some of dreams.....


    Also potentially can be explanation... if you have set-up for Scheduled scan.


    Such as.. during "scan as full" also started Scheduled scan and it's goes be more speedy and remove malicious files automatically (design of scheduled scan). So when... Manual Scan end... it was already not available to clean/detect something.. such as.. it was removed by Scheduled scan. :)


    But it's just as suggestion... and if you have Scheduled Scanning (turn ON) and if it can be with your situation.

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