2 Questions before purchase

1) Why is there only a 3 user license max? I wanted to buy a 5 user license


2) How does F-Secure deal with reinstallations? I format a lot for testing purposes of new drivers,hardware, software, and I will never buy an AV which limits me to how many times I activate. Currently using NOD32 AV and it has no issues with reactivations as many times as I want as the way it tracks the license misusage is through the IP Address when updating.




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    -> With F-Secure SAFE (and maybe with F-Secure IS) under your account or during "choose"  (after trial-time using) you able to get licenses for five and ten devices too (which can be for desktops, but also available to use for Android device and some other mobile platforms).


    -> With common default steps for uninstallation - will be all nice and without any troubles.

    With any not default background during "uninstallation" or "some of hard-steps" for refresh system/machine..... can be with strange results (such as "license-stuck"). BUT:


    it was always available to re-activate licenses, which not in use (in fact).


    and with F-Secure SAFE (and maybe with F-Secure IS) under your account (which you able to create during trial-time using and for current purposes) you available to manage devices (such as... if license will be stuck - you able to "re-activate" it as "re-create"). Maybe it's more steps, than license-key for NOD32... but NOD32 have limits also about current actions (but probably it's too much large limits... for meet it with home steps) or if there already another mechanism... so potentially with F-Secure SAFE/your account you able to manage and re-activate it also without limits (or... ticket for support should be fix it... if something goes wrong).

  • Right, I didn't understand all what you typed to be honest but I am not interested in the IS or Safe or whatever, just want a 5 user license for the Antivirus

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    OK, so...maybe you need to wait answer by F-Secure team. If there available any common steps for get "certain" five-device license (F-Secure AV) without "too much price" (which able to get by "three" + "one" + "one").


    But also.. just interesting.. with NOD32 it's not possible to do (just because previously here was only three-devices variant)?

  • No I have a 5 device / 3 year license for NOD32 Antivirus

  • I bought a 3 device / 2 year license since they don't have 5 device licenses it seems and this forum is dead and I got no reply from their customer service which seems pretty dead to me since it's been more than 48 hours since I sent my question. Very bad start and I'm not feeling good about this purchase so far with the lack of customer service.
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