Can I install f-secure SAFE on Kindle Fire?

F-Secure SAFE is supposed to be available for all devices, but it is not available on the Amazon Apps list so cannot be installed on Kindle Fire directly. I have already installed Google Chrome on my Kindle via an apk. Is one available for f-secure SAFE from the f-secure website?


  • Simon
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    I think you need to install it via the SAFE portal, using the device itself, then you can download the installer directly, using a given key to install.  I don't have my Kindle with me at the moment, and haven't used it for ages, but I'm sure SAFE is installed on it, as can be seen by the screenshot below.



  • Thanks for this Simon, unfortunately however it does not appear to work. I eventually get routed to the Google Play screen which won't allow me to install onto my kindle, just my other android device. An apk file would work, but without that or a presence on Amazon's apps, I'm a bit stuck. Since f-secure are vaunting this as an all devices app, I'm surprised they don't at least make the apk file available.

  • Simon
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    Hi Roger,

    So what exactly happens when you click the link to download directly to the current device? Do you get some sort of error message or are you simply pushed to Google Play?

    As I said, it's a while since I installed it on mine, so hopefully someone from F-Secure can clarify this?
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    Just a further thought, but there's a setting on Android devices to enable apps to be installed from other sources. I think its called 'sideloading'. Maybe you need to enable that just to get FS installed from Google Play? I think you'll probably find the setting in Settings > Apps > Security.

  • Hi Simon


    Here's what I do.


    1. On the Kindle, using Chrome, I open the mysafe portal and log in.

    2. I am now told I have Available licenses 2/3 and have an Install button, which I select.

    3.At the next screen, I get the option to "Download the installer on the current device", so I select that.

    4. The platform is identified as Android, so I select Next

    5. I get the option to name my device - so I enter Kindle and select Next

    6. The next screen says "When pompted, enter this license key: so I make a note of the key and select Download.

    7. At this point I am sent to the Google Play store website where I see Installed on a green button. The first time I came here, it said Install


    So apparently it is already installed, but whatever I do next, I cannot find f-secure SAFE to enter the code I've been provided with.


    Given a .apk file, I know how to install an app which is not available from Amazon. I have already enabled "apps from other sources". That just lets me run .apk files to install apps. I could root my kindle and install Google Play, but I'd prefer not to mess with the kindle any more than I can help.


    Thanks again for your input.

  • Simon
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    Ah, that might explain the difficulty. I did find F-Secure Mobile Security in the Amazon App Store, but I think it was an older version.

    When I get my Kindle back, I will check mine out, as perhaps mine isn't properly installed either. I have to admit, I didn't find the Kindle all that wonderful, so 'leant' it to a friend some time ago.
  • F-Secure's marketing information specifies "All of your devices". I'm disappointed that it is not true! Where I come from, that is known as "telling porkies".

    I appreciate you getting back to me though.
  • Simon
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    I tend to agree. Perhaps, @Ben , it should be specified that FS is not compatible with Kindles? The website does suggest that Android devices from 2.2 are supported, and there are currently no exceptions clearly stated. :)
  • It is unfortunate that f-secure making it impossible to install SAFE on Kindle Fire becomes a solution. Provide me with a .apk file and I'll install it and see if it works. Now THAT is a solution and if it doesn't work then so be it. Making it impossible to even try just because "we don't support it" is a crappy solution.
  • Ben
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    Hello Roger55,


    SAFE for android devices is relying on Google play store. Therefore the .apk would unfortunately not allow for a working installation of SAFE.

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