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Hi all


I have had the f-secure 1 year trial period with no problems. With one month to go, my computer tells me it needs renewing. I have just renewed it today, F-Secure has withdrawn the money from my account, and my f-secure account is telling me that it's been activated and I have 373 days left before it needs renewing again. Yet when I load up my computer, the renewal prompt still comes up telling me I have ten days left before my subscription ends.


The prompt keeps telling me that I need an activation key to renew the subscription yet I have not been given a key to activate it.


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    I'm assuming this is F-Secure SAFE, and that the trial was the transfer from Virgin Media Security?  The application itself shouldn't need a subscription key, as this is all done through the SAFE portal.


    Unfortunately, you may have to submit a Support Ticket on this one, as we can't usually deal with subscription issues on the forum.

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