Freedome vpn on Samsung Galaxy S5 won't stay connected to the network using Verizon 4G

On my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone when using Verizon 4G network, Freedome will not stay connected to the network.  With Wi-Fi it works perfect.  It also works on my Samsung tablet using Wi=Fi.

Any settings I need to change?  Using the US connection.




  • TonyP
    TonyP Posts: 1
    I have a rooted S5 and I can no longer get ANY VPN CLEAN to connect anywhere.

    Did you jstone14 were you able to fix yours? If so how?

  • Never got it fixed on the Verizon network! 

  • Sander
    Sander Posts: 1

    I have also a problem with my internetconnection and Freedome for Android. I have a galaxy S4. Every 1/2 minutes the 3g/4g internetconnection is broken. After 3/4 seconds the connection is back. I have this problem only with 3g/4g. When i look Netflix with 3g/4g it works great. With wifi it works great. Can you help me?!

  • This reply is for the f-secure rep. 


    I had a subscription for a month but couldn't use it on Verizon.  Now they have supposedly fixed it, I would like a code to try it for a month. 




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