Inconsistent icons after installing IS 2015

Last week I posted on a strange effect when installing IS 2015. I noticed that one logon had the new icon while another had the old one. I saw this on two different PCs. I now know why. For reasons I do not understand, the new icon will not appear until everything is updated. For example, all of my W-7 64-bit PCs have IE11 and Firefox. It was only after starting Firefox and using the filemenu to download the latest version (Help->About Firefox) that the icon updated itself to the new one (and yes, there had been a reboot or two). I've never seen this behavior with any anti-virus product.


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    I remember your other post. Did you not say that you'd installed as Admin on one machine, and as a standard user on another? If that was the case, then maybe it's always best to install or upgrade as Admin? I'm only guessing, but maybe that was the reason for the odd icon behaviours?
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    Probably here can be trouble with next view:


    -> Windows troubles around stuck for picture/logo-cache, which goes be stuck under other "user's accounts" or simply with all of them..... just because it goes to be stuck (it's can be time to time). Not sure... if F-Secure able to re-fresh it specially. Potentially Microsoft website should be with any description about that. You can try to find something around this and check.. if it will be helpful.


    -> It's can be related with your situation, because.... for example... update for Firefox comes with "re-fresh" (such is... kill "stuck"-cache situation and restart it... like if explorer.exe refreshing can be with any installations). And current action goes to fix F-Secure logos. because:


    -> What will be.. if during "old picture" you open current .lnk by right-click mouse and check.. which picture there in fact (such as -> re-change picture feature for link). Can be situation.. that will be "new one logo" and it's mean.. here certainly can be Windows cache strange-points.... which not updating/refreshing automatically by somewhat reason.

  • Hönö
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    I think Ukko has a point, but I want to add a link to instructions: tells how to refresh the icon cache. I have needed that all too often, after many different installations and uninstallations.

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    I realize I did not explain everything. I have three W-7 64-bit PCs with IS and MBAM Pro.


    On the first, I was logged in as non-admin and uninstalled/installed the new IS using UAC. I saw the strange behavior I previously mentioned and updated everything on a hunch, but I did not pay attention to when the icon actually changed. Then I thought my logon might have something to do with it and logged on as admin to update the other two PCs. Both of them exhibited the same strange behavior until I updated Firefox. As soon as I updated Firefox, the IS icon updated itself. In between, I checked to see if I had actually installed the new IS, and I did, with it containing the new scheme of not using the funny boxes at the bottom of the screen which always looked strange to me.


    It's too bad I don't have a fourth PC to update IS. That way, I could first update Firefox and only then update IS.

  • baroque-quest
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    I agree that it could be an icon cache issue, but it's awfully coincidental that updating Firefox fixed the problem on two systems and maybe the first. By the way, before I updated Firefox, I checked Windows Updates to see if any were waiting for me; no and that changed nothing.


    That said, I'm still not convinced it is a pure icon cache issue because I rebooted twice (or more) in between. I looked at the Microsoft Support link Hönö provided, but that's only partially relevant because two of my W-7 PCs were built by me and the other is an HP laptop, with none being fresh installs.  And the icons in the toolbar were all present when I was having the problem.


    From now on I will ensure that everything possible is updated before I install a new version of anti-virus.

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