[FSIS 2015] Once again about the Securitycloud "Not connected" problem ...


FSIS 2015 (de), Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit (de-CH)

Since FSIS 2015 exist a problem (on my system) with the Securitycloud (de = Sicherheitscloud) Connection.

Sometimes (relatively often) after PC-Start and Login is the Connection-Status of the Securitycloud on "Not connected" (de = "Nicht verbunden").

I found out, that this problem is related to the Service "F-Secure ORSP Client". And it seems to be a timing problem (loads to early or so) - but change the service (at least this service only) to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" (de = "Automatisch (Verzögerter Start)") does not solve the problem (I believe in combination with another F-Secure Service set to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" it works, but this combination is not desired for me).

So, I have created a workaround with Task Manager (de = Aufgabenplaner):

First, I have set the service to manual start. Then I have create a Task with trigger for "Systemstart" and set a delay of 35 seconds. This trigger starts a batch with the command "net start F-Secure ORSP Client".

With this workaround, I had no more a problem with the Security-Cloud Connection(-Status).

However, maybe this could be interesting for F-Secure Developer.

Kind regards from Switzerland,


  • Ville
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    Thanks for the good analysis. You are correct - it is a timing problem (we are aware of the problem already). However the problem only affects the displayed status and not the real connectivity. Even when it says "Not connected", you are probably connected.



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  • Alpengreis
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    Okay, thank you very much for answer.


    Am I right, that if the "Connectivity state = OK" from orspdiag, I'm connected?


    Thank you and greetings,


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