Mac OS X Snow Leopard Malware Defender updates tricks

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This is a method which I hope some of you know the trick to updating the virus updates for Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard.(It seems to be buggy in updating)




1. Goto System Preferences


2. Security Preferences


3. Untick  the Automatically update safe downloads list box. 


4. Then tick again to the box from the System Security Preferences -Automatically update safe downloads list.


5. Do a search file of Xprotect.plist and open the file with a Text Editor.


6. Make sure you are online in the internet to do this if not it will not work.


7. Take note doing this also need a good reliable AntiVirus program in your system. Depending on Mac OS X Snow Leopard virus detection alone will not help.



Make sure you have an Antivirus program like F-Secure in your system.


If you have other products install that is fine as long as you have an AntiVirus.




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