cannot install f-secure on laptop

when trying to add a laptop got the followign message after trying to add the subscription key

(have done 2 pcs ok)


could not complete the operation contact custmer support

any help much appericated

kind regards



  • a) is installed on the laptop

    b) it will let me add key but rather than saying its wrong says must contact a member 

    c) its valid because 2 other computers have passed today using same key


    Is this F-Secure SAFE, or a multi-license stand alone version (Internet Security)?

      this is interesting question and prehaps the problem

    on the PC's it seem to be SAFE black background light blue symbol

    but inverted on the laptop i.e light blue background 

    looking into getting safe as we speak now but so far no luck though only just started this

    until i resolve this not going to look at uninstallin etc

    thanks for many questions simon your a star (id much rather have lots of questions than none!)

    kind regards



  • hello simon 

    is looking like the F-SAFE issue is what was needed will keep you updated but installing now looking very promising

  • had to disable norton but now its flying through install thanks ever so much simon your a star 

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    Yes, definitely get rid of Norton, as you shouldn't have more than one antivirus program running simultaneously.  In fact, to be sure, I would be tempted to run the specific Norton uninstaller, which you should find in this list of Uninstallation Tools.  I've not used Norton for years, so this may be unfair on them now, but it used to be a pig to remove. 


    Anyway, glad you're sorted.  As you've now probably realised, SAFE requires a different licence to the stand alone Internet Security, and vice-versa, so they're not interchangeable.  :)    

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