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On one W-7 PC, the prompt appeared, asking if I wanted to install the new version.  I accepted and everything went okay.  Then I looked at another W-7 PC.  Even days later, I still have not seen the prompt.  I surfed around on and found a download link under "Software updates."  I downloaded it, thinking it would act the same, but I was wrong.  The installer asks for the subascription code.  Obviously I know that, but I have learned with anti-virus that it is best to stick with installation techniques which have proven to be successful.


By the way, both of these PCs use the same IS license, so it is a little strange that one would auto-update and not the other.  Is there any way to force IS to find the new version?  Manually updating does not do it.


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    Not sure.. of course... but probably with related page ( )  have words about current situation (such as.. it can be related with your situation).


    I can to understand current words as "add voucher" under prompt for license. Such as it will be upgrade. Maybe you able to try it.. and with step around "ask for subscription code" - to add "FS-UPG-2015" (if it's still valid code). If all OK - probably will be upgrade with same view... how it was with your first machine.



    If you already have F-Secure Internet Security installed on your PC and you want to upgrade to the latest version, please press 'download' and start the installation. When prompted, use the voucher code FS-UPG-2015 to enable the free upgrade. This will not affect your remaining subscription time.




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    That's useful to know, Ukko. I hadn't noticed the part about the "FS-UPG-2015" voucher code before.
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    Hi @baroque-quest 


    If those two computers are using the same account, then both should start receiving upgrade at the same time. The client offers the upgrade (with a visible prompt) when everything is downloaded and system is ready for upgrade. Maybe the other system could not download everything or there was something in the system blocking it (disk space, pending Windows updates, etc).



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