Deepguard delay in detecting modified program

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I have lots of programs I've developed myself and every time I re-compile and build a new EXE I get a Deepguard prompt the first time I run a new program build. That's good, I really like that protection from Deepguard, even though it alerts for my own programs too.


Today for the first time ever I made several changes to a program and ran it after every change. Deepguard prompted as usual the first times, but then after an additional re-build it didn't prompt. I checked to see if the program really was re-built, and it was. And I checked that the modified code was part of the build, that it worked and existed in the EXE. So I closed the program and started it again. No prompt from Deepguard this time either. I let the program continue to run and after about 10 minutes I got the Deepguard prompt.


My program connects to the Internet once a minute so there's no logic in getting the Deepguard prompt after 10 minutes.

My latest Deepguard update is 2014-10-29_03 (5.0 build 436)


To be sure, I modified the code once more and rebuild. Launched the EXE. No prompt. I let the program run(reconnecting successfully to the Internet every minute). After 9 minutes I got the DeepGuard prompt.


The only thing I can think of that might be special in this case, is that it's a program that's been modified/rebuilt several times in only a couple of hours, and that it makes more connections than my other programs. But I certainly wouldn't like to discover this  delay "bug" for other programs than my own.


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