2 keys for one SAFE account possible?

I Have 6 devices, so wish to purchase two keys for F-secure safe, i just want to confirm if i purchase twoi keys, would i be able to manage the devices in the same account, if so how would i add the second key to my Safe account


thanks for your help


  • Z00T
    Z00T Posts: 3

    Hi Ben,


    slight issue being i have purchased the keys already, i have now contacted F-secure and they will try and add my keys to the "back end" and let me know if that will work.


    thanks again



  • Chrissy
    Chrissy Posts: 406 Active Engager
    Hi Z00T!

    Just wanted to see if you got this issue with the keys resolved? Please let us know :)
  • Z00T
    Z00T Posts: 3

    Hi Chrissy,


    i am still awaiting feedback from F-Secure re the issue, it does look like it will not be possible and i will need to go the route shown above.


    being a reseller for F-secure im not 100% on this whole new SAFE system which kills the idea of the original (and what we tend to sell the most of) Fsis renewals... again this is something we have taken up with F-secure directly.


    thanks again for your help guys.

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