Freedome working over wifi, but not 3G

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I recently installed Freedome on an iphone 4 on ios 7.1.2 and have been using it over wifi connections with no problems. However, once I'm away from a wifi connection and on 3G, the connection drops. I've reinstalled the app, reset the network connection on the phone, turned airplane mode on/off, switched VPN to manual (needed to connect to wifi to download the new profile) and despite trying each of these the 3G data transfer is dead whether VPN is manual (off/on) or automatic. The only way to get the phone to download data over 3G is to remove the Freedome app entirely and restart the phone. 

I was wondering if it's possible to get some help with this - I couldn't immediately see a simialar query from searches, they seemed to be more 3G working but wifi not working, and I have the opposite problem. I had similar problems (3G trying but failing to download data) when using Onavo extend in the past - no idea if that's relevant!

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.



  • Ben
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    Hello RedJim,


    Could you confirm if your Mobile service provider is allowing VPN over mobile network?

    Referring to this thread some Operators might limit it, and as Onavo extend is also redirecting  the data traffic through there severs, that could be the problem.

  • RedJim
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    Yes, it's 3 mobile & having checked their website it seems they do allow VPN. If you use it abroad they may limit it - those were the t&cs I found that had a little detail re: VPN - so perhaps the same applies in the UK when not abroad too.

    Onavo extend hasn't been installed at the same time as Freedome, so it's not a conflict between the two profiles or apps.

    I've had the problem intermittently - when the connection hangs, sometimes over the past week a hard reset of the phone has fixed it, other times it carries on. It still does it with a couple of bars or full bar signal strength, so perhaps it's the mobile provider limiting VPN over the network at certain times of day.

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    Has this been still a problem? 


    We haven't received this kind of feedback from our other iOS users - some have reported about a short delay with estabilishing VPN connection when switching from wifi to 3G or vice versa, but it sounds like this is not the same case.




  • RedJim
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    I've noticed the same slight switchover delay between 3G/wi-fi, but this other issue is more the phone connection stopping receiving data for a longer period whilst on 3G without anything having happened in particular beforehand. It seems to be better the last few weeks though it still happens occasionally.
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    Hi there, similar issue with iphone 5S (ios7.1.2) ie. works well over wifi, but not on 3G or LTE. Mobile operator is Sonera (in Finland). As far as I know VPN connections are allowed by the operator. Also to get mobile data working itrequires remove the freedome vpn profile. Tried both phone setup control to VPN and fresh profile installation. Have I missed something or any solutions available?

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    Issue with 3G/LTE solved by removing company specific mobile mail profile in Settings/General/Profile (iPhone 5S/IOS 7.1.2). But now I'm unable to use company email. Private email seems to work. As novice VPN/Freedome user I think this may be normal that you can't have more than one vpn client installed at a time as they may interfere with one another. Any solution ex. using different VPN client?

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