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 I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and have chosen security settings for virus and spyware to ' handle harmful files automatically'.  However, I continually get notification that adware is blocked on specific files and a request for what action is required - indicating a ticked box for handling them automatically.  The help contents indicate these actions should be done automatically, so why am I being pestered with these notifications? It is annoying to say the least, as it is occurring increasingly frequently.  Furthermore, to compound the issue the little windows state it will not affect the tasks I am undertaking, but I can't do anything whilst the program 'cleans' things up!!  Just for info, whilst typing this message I've received about 7 notifications. I hope someone can help as I am on the point of deleting f-secure completely and installing another security software package!


  • Simon
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    Is there any chance you could post a screenshot of the notification? It's just that F-Secure wouldn't usually flag up adware, unless it's malicious, or behaving as such, so I'm uncertain as to why you would be receiving the alerts in the first place.
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    Unable to send screen shot of alert, but details of adware block justreceivedgiven below.Adware name: Adware.Linkury.M.  Notification specifies adware found in file h4gkgdrw located in drive C: \Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp.

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    Not sure.. if here should be current words, but just as explanation for situation:


    "handle harmful files automatically" works just for malicious/harmful files.


    Such as adware (unwanted application) will be with pop-up as I remember. Such as... each time you have to decide "allow, block, clean or remove".


    You maybe met some of prompts (window with short description about situation and two points for choose -> automatically or manual). Here can be "wrong" words... which can be meanings such as "automatically always", but in fact "just one time".

    Each prompt can be about "system volume information" or as "your example" under temp-folder....  when potentially unwanted application created "double"-files or something like that.

    Maybe you able to launch Full Scan by F-Secure and receive log-report about current suspicious items as list. And remove it manually - if you don't want to use "current applications". Also maybe here can be tips about "specific" tools, which work against adware/unwanted applications as "known list of them".

  • Simon
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    Without a screenshot, I can only suggest trying Malwarebytes or ADWCleaner, either or both of which should remove any adware from your system.
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    Hello sqwak,


    Could you try the to follow this article.

  • Shahrir
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    Hi squawk!

    Just wanted to follow-up and see if a solution has been found? If so, please let us know what worked!

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