FS Protection replaced Internet Security in future?

Simple question, as above :)

Waiting for comments :)


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    Here should be answer by F-Secure team (of course).




    I think that:


    As solution - probably not.

    As features - probably yes. :)


    It's mean FS Protection related with "technology preview"-points.


    F-Secure IS- and F-Secure SAFE- features (and as solutions) previously also was "under" technology preview-process.


    FS Protection more looks like F-Secure SAFE. Different with F-Secure IS.... that F-Secure SAFE provide "manage"-actions for user. Such as he able to rule something under account-portal. And it's able to use for multi-devices (license about desktops, mobiles.. ). Such as F-Secure IS (3 devices) for desktops, but F-Secure SAFE (3 devices) can be for desktops and mobiles.

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    I'm not interested in feature, but only in IS :) I just want to know if IS will be present in future. :)
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    So, just double-words from current one (as link for source) - http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security/F-Secure-contextual-scan-menu/m-p/62493/highlight/true#M10669


    Current version (F-Secure IS 2015) should be with up-to-date meanings and actual next years: 16.9.2017 (as EOL date for current version) ;

    It's mean - if solution as "Internet Security" will be there....  all will be with upgrade from "current one" to "next one" as "IS"..


    If "Internet Security" will be dropped as solution (after current one version) -> you will be with choose:


    -> Upgrade to new solution (SAFE as example - which same with IS - for desktops);

    -> Stay with F-Secure IS and receive updates/hotfixes/other for current version;


    But anyway - sorry for my replies... and words.


    Good.. if F-Secure team answered for you.

    Basically... it's maybe happened just after weekend. So.. I decided to created some of my opinions around this.

    Sorry if it not helpful for you. But maybe it's better... than just wait. And maybe it's can be related with "official" position.

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    What is "Kudo"? As a like?
  • Ukko
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    Probably yes, but I not really friendly with "social media" :)


    There have some topics about "how to use community".

    Potentially "Kudo" more related with "thanks", but potentially "like" related with that too.

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