Suggestions for phone Anti-theft (wipe/erase)

This is regarding the phone wipe option with the Anti-theft. I was using an Android 4.4.2 and felt like I had to play with the anti-theft options.


I wiped my phone just to see what would happen two days ago, I just noticed today that nothing on the SD card was removed. Currently the only thing which resides in my SD card is a few photos, nothing overly important. Personally I would expect personal information to be removed from the phone (including SD card) with a wipe. I think it would be useful, if possible, to erase the SD card as well during the phone wipe.


This second suggestion I'm not sure if it is possible. Currently when the phone erases itself it seemed to just factory reset. While you do mention to calling the service provider to lock the SIM, I think finding a way to retain f-secure during the wipe would be nice. Doing so would allow someone to continue to annoy whoever may have the phone by random locks/alarms/gps.


These where just my reaction to the anti-theft wipe feature on the phone. Again, not sure if it's possible just tossing out some ideas.

Other than that Kudos.

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