i am a new user, how and where do i go to to log in for trial offer download? When I filled  out the information to get to download, nothing was there to log in. CAn someone please help me, the calendar is clicking and i'm burning up my 30 days




  • Ben
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    Hello @wannabe ,


    Can you confirm which product you want to try -out?

    On which page did you fill information?



    PS: I moved your post to the relevant board.

  • etomcat
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    If I understand correctly, the freely available trial keycodes have not been changed since a long time and the F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015 / F-Secure Internet Security 2015 products still use the following 30-day full featured trial sentences:





    The catch is, one can use trial keycode only once on a computer and after that product must be uninstalled completely or a commercial licence has to be purchased, to be entered in the user interface.


    The other option is to buy computer enthusiast magazines or loan them from a public library. For example, CHIP Magazine in Hungary carries a promotional issue F-Secure Internet Security keycode that is valid for only 1 month, so you have to get the publication every month to continue using it. I think the same is true for some german IT magazines, although printed editions are quickly disappearing now that everything moves online.


    This monthly process is also quite inconvenient, so people who grow to like F-Secure during trial usually buy it for 1-3 years. Prices are very reasonable compared to some competitors and F-Secure products appear to have more automation built-in and cause less compatibility issues than the average IT security suite.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.



  • Ben
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    Could you try to log to the SAFE portal?


    You can always use the "Forgot your password" option, if you are unsure of it.

  • Niklas
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    Did it work to login to Safe as suggested by Ben?

    Or do you still have trouble accessing your trial for F-Secure?

    Br Niklas

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