fs Protection for Mac won't check for updates under Yosemite


fs Protection for Mac was working fine under Mavericks.  When I upgraded to Yosemite, I keep getting a message that the server couldn't be reached (Check your connection and try again).  All other Interenet applications are working normally, there are no proxies in the way.


Suggestions, please?




  • walt_s
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    Replying to my own message since I don't see an "Edit" option...


    I completely remover and re-installed fs Protection.  There was no difficulty with the installation and everything appeared to be up-to-date.  About 8 hours later I noticed a warning that the database was out of date, and once again I got the message that it could not connect to the server.


    Version: 15235

    Database: 2014-10-18_01

  • Radiolog

    Complete deinstallation and new installation helped me perfect!

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