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it would be nice to see more than the last scan log in F Secure,like many other AVs have that function too.And I don't know why F Secure opens the log in browser?

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  • Ukko
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    Hello, With my first experience about F-Secure - I also was with strange feelings about browser-view for log-report, but after all of that days... I feel current part as good. Just because... most of other companies have just ".txt"-report, which not so beauty. Here normal, good, quite helpful HTML-report about scan-process. About that here can be more, than one. Probably it's related with my dreams also. But... in fact... it's not really needed for me... too often... or too critical. Time to time... I want to look for previous one scan-process, but already not able to do that (because create else one scan by mistake-step). But it's not really often. And commonly.. here enough "last scan"-information. Previously was good feature from UI - that able to get various "last scan result" and "last scheduled scan result". Now it's able to do just by manual steps (about scheduled scan). It was enough for me... such as - I just want to feel different between last scan and last scheduled scan (it's able to do now too, but with more steps... than before). And potentially I not really have reasons for read some of previous scans (latest five, ten or more) - because it's not always helpful. Such as - if here something found.... it's need to read by real-time. But.. time to time... I goes to copy "scan-result" - if I want to save it for look it after some days. And prevent "re-use" it. Such as "more performance", "less resources" - but I not sure.. that here biggest trouble for add more html-files as "history of scan". Potentially with another security-software... I remember and with experience about "History of scans" with just window as "UI" - and it's can be helpful, but commonly.. looks too much for me. It's can be confusing.. it's can be hard to feel... and not always can be helpful. Do you have any good points for use "latest scan-log-result" about more, than one last? Such as - when it's can be helpful and able to use it with good dreams around?! Basically... here can be good points... but it also can be under "Statistics" - which should be improved maybe. And here already can be as feature-part about "latest scans" under UI (for example). But just after scanning and as latest one scan result by HTML/.htm-report (which more good to read and feel with browser) - nice for me. Sorry for my reply and opinion. It's just my opinion.
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    It is more for that case when something would be found during a scan and you need that log but you scanned again and the log is not visible.I never seen an AV product where only the last log is visible.The view in browser is not a big problem for me,I'm not used to it,that is all.
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    Hello, For situation.. when something found after scan and if here "automatic"-settings for handle it. Potentially all information should be doubled under "Quarantine" or "History Of Viruses and Spyware"/"Removal History". Where should be detection name, directory and date. But basically.. here, of course, can be a lot of other situation.. when log needed. Such as "not scanned" with somewhat reason or "not removed". It's probably related with my dreams... and I time to time with situations, when decided to look for previous scan-results, but not available. Basically... also... here just re-using for "last log". I think it's not hard to add feature about "some latest scan-results", but not sure. Good if F-Secure comes here and created something like description or words.. about this situation.
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    Sorry for my potential feedback (I'm only F-Secure user).


    Current home solutions (F-Secure AV/IS/SAFE/TOTAL) with abilities to see more than one latest scan-report.

    Possible to choose any of previous under Recent events (or directly from certain folder) and re-check log-report under your default browser (still as .html-page).



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    Hi @MargosDezerian

    The reports are generated and visible on the local host Recent Events page. This Recent Event tab now provides you with all the recent happenings at first glance.

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