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As my secondary browser I also use the new Maxthon 3, which is performing very well, except that every time when I startup this browser and opening trusted websites  I get "Changed application" popup messages from F-Secure to either deny or accept this transaction, which is very annoying to me as checking the box: "Do not show this dialog for this program again" does not help at all.

Even when I accessed this present forum site this same thing happens.

How can I stop this from happening as it never occurs when I use the Firefox 5.0.browser.


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    make a copy of the EXE to a save location.

    Work with the EXE.

    after closing the software do a binary compare on the two files.

    (createing a MD5-checksum would also do the job)


    If they really differ, I recommend not to use the browser any more. Selfmodification of software is nothing we should honnor or support at all. (Excluding the file from scanning should also stop the popup, but you would also allow malware to modify your browser without a chance to identify that!)


    If they do not differ please open a support case and provide links for the installer as well as you should mention this thead.




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    Thanks Matthias for your suggestions, however, as I have used the Maxthon browser for many years I never had any problems with security issues. 

    Especially this new version Maxthon 3.0 has it's own: "Safe URL Checker", which to me is very reliable.

    If you like you can try it for yourself:

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    A similar feature to a "Safe URL Checker" is in our Internet Security.


    What it does on Firefox and Internet Explorer:

    1. It checks the URL against our Cloud services - harmful URLs are blocked

    (Google search results are also rated, there is an additional Icon in front of every link, same on gmail)

    2. Exploit shield protects your browser. If a harmful website tries to exploit a vulnerability the exploit is blocked.

    3. DeepGuard protects the browser process from any manipulation.


    Have a look, try Firefox or IE and let us know what you think of our Browsing Protection :)


    Back to Maxthon: Matthias posted a good troubleshooting advise.

    If you have time, please follow his instructions and check if the application actually changes every time you open it.

    If this is the case, it indeed is a bit weird.

    If the application does not change please send it as a sample to our lab:


    Best regards,


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    Hi Stephan,


    Firefox 5.0 is my default browser, but so far F-Secure browser protected has not been updated for that version.

    As far as Maxthon 3 is concerned, I'm not too technically savvy to try your solution, so I'll just use it the way it is, and ignore the pop up windows, knowing that I will not put my system at risk, due to it's own security features.

    By the way. did you know that Maxthon is the  most popular browser in China?

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