TP123 Windows client release

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A new version of Windows client was released.


  • Launch pad 2.23 build 296
  • Antivirus 14.123 build 101
  • Browsing protection 2.122 build 2915

New features


  • Removed Device ID information from client, since that does not match Safe portal device name and is confusing
  • New icon for upgrade (visible only in next upgrade)


  • New style for On-Access Scanning dialogs.

Fixed issues


  • Client may get stuck in expired state even when there is free subscription available (CTS-95227)
  • Uninstallation leaves files behind (CTS-95232)
  • Upgrade may fail when using multiple users with fast user switching (CTS-95245)
  • Inconsistent icons when Mobile Broadband settings prevent update check (CTS-95255)
  • Last/Next update check show "8/10/2010 11:43:48 AM" before first check (CTS-95257)
  • FS Protection service unavailable shown as generic "Something went wrong" error (CTS-95285)
  • Uninstallation tool does not remove FS Protection desktop icon (CTS-95292)
  • Update download folders are not cleaned up properly (CTS-95295)
  • Uninstallation icon switches to another icon during uninstall (CTS-95312)



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  • Simon
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    Thanks Ville. :)

    When is the FSP portal likely to get some more content, such as licensing information?
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for reply. Maybe it's can be interesting for someone else (and maybe if someone will be with experience around clean installation for TP123).


    But... here results about my experience with previous TP-version....  as clean installation.


    Full clean installation (practically with full meanings around) for normal and not outdate system (machine) take :


    35 minutes 04 seconds ( 35:04.88 )


    For me - it's a good result... and basically for installation about good security-software (not just "removal tool" or scanner) pretty nice and speedy. Include fact... that here was a lot of steps... with "time-thinking" or some kind of "trouble"-breakpoints.


    Current time include: start installation and create new account as device-license (around sixteen minutes). Cleanup Tool TP check was dropped (probably related with Windows Defender) and most time goes to trying for login/create account and get license-key with installation process (where it's not goes be automatically).


    Certainly installation goes just..... three minutes. And after some minutes prompted about Safe Search configuration-step. System not outdated - so... here without require.. for reboot system.


    "Long step" was also about Updates downloading and installing. Common modules and updates finished after three minutes (when it's started).

    And main core of antivirus (which goes be last for prevent overload maybe and such as "most height") take two minutes for downloading and three minutes for installation.


    So... all updates-download/install-process take eight minutes (basically).


    Some minutes for checking... that with installation all OK and I goes to restart system (two minutes).

    Four minutes after restart... and I goes to configure fresh/clean installation of FS Protection.

    Around five minutes.... and all configured as I want (with experience around F-Secure IS).


    So..... certainly after that - I launch first smart scan. It's take three minutes with my system.


    In fact.... clean installation for "ready to use and protect".... finished after thirty minutes (less than thirty).

    But commonly... here can be required... some additional steps (which important) or different situations... So... my clean installation (with configure, looking around and etc.) take thirty five minutes. And maybe can be long.


    It was about normal laptop (which can be not really slow or outdate as hardware) and most of points around time .... related just with that fact. Because... any hardware (which already can be marked as too much slow) or operation systems..... can be with other results (more slow.. or speedy).

    But basically.. anyway - F-Secure FS Proteciton looks for me... such as very speedy clean installation process with a lot of good steps, but without a lot of "not important steps". But my experience based on some of security-software (not all.. and not all of popular, but with some kind of experience around other software... of course). Also... time-line without minutes for reading Privacy/License Terms (around four various documents can be read during installation) - but it's important for read. :)


    Sorry again for reply.

  • Simon
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    Upgrade went smoothly on Windows 8.1 machine.  :)

  • Ville
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    You said starting installation took 16 minutes, mostly provisioning the license from portal. Could you clarify where the time was spent (logging in before client installation/ logging in during client installation/ provisioning license after logging in) and if you have any further explanation why it took so long. It should be quite simple operation and take less than a minute.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Ukko
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    Yes it was experience with installer, where need to create account/license during installation (step... about "get installer" was speedy and it was under URL for mail-letter - so it was speedy and I not really icnlude current minutes).


    It's mean: "logging in during client installation" (before step about License Terms-prompt probably). Here was most time-pause of process.


    I have time-line with next description:


    "Create account" (it's mean - I get window as browser-small-window, where I able to loggining after prepare-steps of installer):


    (hour:minutes) 13:10 -> 13:11 -> 13:13 -> 13:14 (it's mean four steps - first two minutes... here was prompt about "something wrong" after logging. After that some time for think around this... new try and all OK - created new device-license as name).

    From installation- (launch installer) start to step when license-prompt happened was one minute.


    After license from portal step....  around 13:16 -> 13:17 (such as continues for installation) and 13:19 (installation end as prompt - finished).


    So.. in fact... here was just ten minutes.

    With dropped about some of potential steps or minutes.

    In fact - With "provisioning the license from portal" - six minutes.

    And installation - four minutes (without Cleanup Tool TP).


    Steps around (such as additional steps before/after, which not important and related with a lot of background) I marked as potential six minutes also (such as license terms reading also). 


    About "why it took so long" - probably I created report about it. But not sure.. that here really known reasons for me (except - "something was wrong" and it's just random).


    And how I wrote.. probably.. with my laptop it should be less, than thirty minutes (and looks like that).

    Around fifteen minutes for full clean installation (less, than fifteen minutes).


    Simply it was my try with clean/fresh installation for system. So.. just because it... I created current time-line as "first experience", which I met.


    Also... potentially it should take twenty minutes for full meanings (prepare for installation, installation and updates downloaded/installed and with restart for system) with my configuration, where I try it. And when all goes normally.


    Sorry for long reply. Smiley Sad

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my new words about same points. I just think.. that maybe my words was too much confusing about time (such as - "certain" installation take less time) and just because I decided today create clean installation of FS Protection for my another machine (outdate machine...) - here some kind of new words and explanation about my dreams.


    From first I want to say that.... work of installer (such as "installation" as fact) take LESS, than TEN minutes (of course).


    But I talk about installation time with some kind of "full"-steps (or around this).

    Here I mean next background:




    • Previous time and next one.... is time "FROM launch installer-file TO first smart scan after custom configured software and looking around".


    • Here just my experience about CLEAN/FRESH installation of FS Protection. Not just re-installation or something like that. Just try to clean install with first try and without prepare (it's mean - any "surprise"-steps goes to time-line, but it's not mean.. that it's design for each try).



    So, with TP123 clean installation for another Windows-machine (outdated system with slow processor and low RAM resources) with "background" take:


    41 minutes 05 seconds (41:05.88)


    How I already wrote... installation as fact happened after seven minutes. It's mean - finished for installation (as prompt with restart-require) happened after seven minutes and installation take less ten minutes.


    But with "background" it's take more time - because with current machine (and outdated processor) for work with downloading/installing updates required a lot of time (more, than can be with modern systems).


    First my experience with laptop (close to modern) also was speedy: "just installation" with same time (around ten minutes, where around five minutes with account-creating-troubles). It's mean installation as fact - less then ten minutes.


    Anyway -> "Ready to use and protect" happened for me.. a little be later, than just "installation end" as fact.


    So...  with my new experience.. TP123 installation take seven minutes for:

    -  Start and prepare launch before Cleanup Tool TP (around twenty seconds);

    -  Launch Cleanup Tool TP, but not "scanned". Such as - able to launch, but not able to work with my configuration of system (around forty seconds).

    -  Created account: loggining by FS Protection portal under installation-window and get name for device (such as "license" for device). About two minutes.

     -  Later was... brief-look for License Terms and Privacy Terms; Read about Security cloud (such as re-fresh - if here without changes). And continues for installation. Prompt about "success and need reboot" happened after four minutes and some seconds.


    Also able to wait around one minute (my situation was with 1:16.09) and get prompt for Safe Search configuration-settings-window.


    After restart system happened longest step with my current experience: downloading and installing updates/modules:


    It's take practically nineteen minutes. Where: five minutes for common modules and updates (such as installed-status is visible),  four minutes for downloading updates for main-core (aquarius) and NINE minutes for installed-status of aquarius-core-updates.


    Just because I already a little be friendly with FS Proteciton - so... just five minutes and I re-check any default settings and configured modules.


    When all settings goes to be with my "dreams" - else one restart for system. After that - Launch first smart scan for system. With current machine.. it's take also five minutes.


    On current step - I finished my time-line, because with current "check-point" -> installation of FS Protection looks for me as "finished". And it's take time, which I wrote firstly. But again... in fact....  installation (as process) finished after seven minutes.


    Sorry again for reply.




    Maybe I also have to add some facts about current system or "time"-result with "compare".

    Most of other security-software (which can be trusted for me and which can be "powerful") have variants of installation, where I need to wait more time for installation (as fact) and for installation (as "my background").


    For example, if here can be trusted results by AV-TEST Lab - I goes to check latest results about security-software for desktops. And read about "ratings" for F-Secure and other companies. So, I have experience with some of them. And... my latest experience was with one of security-software, which have practically same results as "rating"-descriptions (for protection, perfomance and etc.).


    So, current another security-software with my system have next results (some days ago): also close to FORTY MINUTES, but just FOR INSTALLATION AS FACT (from launch installer to prompt about "finished success"). FS Protection here have result with "seven minutes" (or less, than ten minutes).

    Else TWENTY minutes (or maybe more) for take UPDATES (status: up-to-date). Where should be (or can be) same signatures with meanings about "height".


    And I not really remember about first smart scan - because it's take.. more, than five minutes (of course).

    And I not talk about configure-steps after installation, because a lot of settings - which not always placed with normal description or very helpful for "configure". So.. re-check from default to custom... take more time, because a lot of settings, which not really important and can be as default or can be with more usability-view.


    It's mean - that results by FS Protection looks for me like "very speedy" and very nice. And more good to feel "installation" here.... because without steps, where need to wait "twenty minutes" per one step - more dynamic, more action, less not important steps....; But also... not so "strange/suspicious" - how it can be with software, where practically can be just "scanner on demand" and installation take just some minutes (where can protection-level without so high-points).

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