Improve F-Secure design

I think instead of having  fs protection at the top as a banner instead It would be better with the F-Secure Logo (company logo with text )and a long banner and looks better rename the security software F-Secure FS or F-Secure FS Protection.


  • fs protection means F-Secure protection (fs stands for f-secure I believe, usually it stands for it).
    But on the other hand, I'd suggest to call it either full "F-Secure Protection" or at least to be with upper cases ("FS Protection")
  • johan9
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    Yes I know.

    I agree either FS Protection or F-Secure Protection, F-Secure Protection sounds better otherwise the software is lacking Identity and brand

    Also would you agree the top banner is slightly unprofessional as security softwar?  It looks like some kids designed it with kids font and a black horrible banner

    Because of the font used icons i.e computer icon and no logo at the top and software icon is a computer instead of the companies logo

  • To say truth I strongly disagree whole new color scheme and design decisions.

  • johan9
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    I completely agree also, it makes it look unprofessional and doesn't look good.

    But now how do we tell F-Secure?
  • I feel bad about F-Secure.. It has been so so great for years, and now...
  • johan9
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    Why? apart from design
  • Ben
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    Thank you all for your input.

    Keep in mind that this is a Technology Preview software.

  • johan9
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    I know It's beta but it's good for feedback.


    Anyway the design was perfect back in around July/August the design was better so don't know why it's changed now.


    Design is a very important thing as a poor interface and UI can be a difference between a customer chosing F-Secure or another company


    Look below at the old and new one, the old looks much better?



  • It does, and I much prefer pre-retro styled FS products

  • Ville
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    The fs protection graphics and colors will not be used in F-Secure Internet Security or SAFE products. They are only used in this beta program.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • johan9
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    I know but some effort should at least be put in

  • Stoo
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    I agree that the old design is much better. You always want the name of the product to be front and center so that no mistakes can be made in knowing what AV software you use and trust.

  • klima89
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    In my opinion the appearance of the program should go towards what he is presenting e.g. F-Secure Freedom. I don't know how you but me very much like himSmiley Happy

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