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Have just recently purchased F-Secure Internet Security, version info is at end of my post.


When I right-click the F-Secure icon on taskbar, choose "Open common settings", then under "Connection" it says "Security Cloud" in bold type, then mostly it says "Connected" to the right. However, sometimes it says "Not Connected", and usually if I then reboot the computer it will be back to saying "Connected".


Does anyone know why this happens? Are there any security issues if it is "not connected"? Am using Windows 7 64-bit.


F-Secure 2.15 build 358

CCF CUIF 10.02 build 978
CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 369
CCF Guts2 2.00 build 578
CCF Upstream 2.01 build 836
CCF Diagnostics 8.01 build 757
CCF Scanning 1.51 build 111.300
CCF Network 1.02 build 141
CCF Reputation 2.0 build 1337


  • Niklas
    Niklas Posts: 28 Contributor



    Then I would suggest that you apply a supportticket with a problm description and with a diag file:

    So we can help you further with this problem.


    To make a diag file you go to start -> all program -> F-Secure -> support tool and attach the file that it creates named to the support request.


    Br Niklas

  • chnman
    chnman Posts: 3

    Done the Support Ticket and attached the diag file, received email confirmation, i.e. "This is an automatic reply which is sent to you as an acknowledgement. Our Customer Care will contact you as soon as possible."


    Service request number on email is 00XXXXX Still waiting for another email.


    How long usually for the service requests to be dealt with?


    I reinstalled product and haven't had the problem for the 2 days, but would still like email reply to see how long support takes.




  • chnman
    chnman Posts: 3

    Received email, was asked to check under Common Settings that the HTTP Proxy was set to "use the browser's settings" (it was, never touched that setting), though as I mentioned previously, I had reinstalled product and is OK and always showing "connected" now.


    The only strange thing is that the "Help" notes appear incorrect. By right-clicking F-Secure icon on taskbar, going to "open Common Settings", then "Connection", then pressing the "Help" button displays notes that seem different (look at step 4).

  • Niklas
    Niklas Posts: 28 Contributor

    Ok, as an answer on your first question we always try to reply to requests as fast as possible, typically within days.

    Then it might be that there was something that failed during the first installation since the reinstall seemed to fix the problem.


    Yes the help notes contain some information for the old version and that is something that we know about and is reported and hopefully fixed shortly.


    Br Niklas

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just like addition to previous feedback-words.


    With my experience - "Not Connected" for Security Cloud / RTPN about my devices happened not really rare.

    It's can be often, but temporary (of course).


    Potentially it's can be related with network-connection specific-configuration or something around this.

    Basically... I without experience, when during current status some of features goes to be broken (as stable-broken). Also maybe time to time..  current status can be related with "re-connection" - if user devices required refresh information by Security Cloud (if it possible).


    For example, right now.. it also "Not connected".

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