Error caused by F-Secure?




I am trying to launch a game called Grim Dawn on Steam. The game downloaded without issue, but when I try to run it the text message "Error 51" appears.


When I google on the web, F-Secure pops up as a result. "Disable it", "Uninstall it" are the some of the suggestions. Many users have trouble with this that play Grim dawn.


On the F-secure menu I cant see any options to disable, loadout (or whatever it is called) etc. The menu appears uncomplete as there are very very few options to explore or adjust settings.


I am a new user of F-secure and wondered if you could be so kind to explain to me step by step how to make the AV allow Grim Dawn to launch. I subscribe to the normal product "F-secure" (as far as I know).


With regards

a paying customer