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Hi, sorry for my english. I have android 4.4.2, Note3
I can manually configure the vpn settings or is necessary to always use the app?

the app cut the downloads and often reset the communications (umts, LTE, etc.).


thanks you


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    Hi, pedrogs!


    Did Federico's post answer your question / solve your problem?

    If not could you please explain further about the problem that you seek solution for?


    If it did solve/answer your problem/question it would be great if you mark this post as Solved and which post that gave this solution in this case Federico's post. So that people that have the same question/problem can see the Solution.

  • Jhx
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    Hi, thanks for the answer although I had to search it quite some time. Maybe you should update the post for up-to-date information or include the answer in FAQ section.


    Some VPN providers allow users to set up the VPN connection manually in cases where app install is not possible. For e.g. my employer does not allow the VPN software on Windows workstations (it will be uninstalled silently upon next login), but I am able to set up the VPN connection manually in network settings. The other VPN provider gives specific instructions to this, with country-specific VPN addresses, as well as separate username and password - everything included in the subscription.


    I'd really like to be able to use Freedome VPN on manual connections as well. Although Freedome app is nice and easy to use, it's just not enough for all cases.

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