Why is F secure stopping mid scan and how do I fix it?

Lately when I have been running full system scans the scan nevar finishes, there is no error warnings or anything it just stops as if it is scanning a large file, it usually stops at about 75% completion, I have tried deleting the things it stops on but it just goes and stops elsewhere, I have only had this issue on full system scans though. Any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it? I have tried everything I can think of short of reinstalling the software.


  • Having toyed around with this issue some more I have discovered everything is normal, but what I thought was freeze is just the scan slowing down to a crawl, it does eventually finish. But within a 12 hour time frame, mind you this is a system with a GHz 6 core CPU. So anything to help this would be much appreciated.

  • MJ-perComp
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    try a scan without archives

    identify the problematic file by scanning the system in smaller parts.

    What is that file?


  • I am unable to really say the file it starts on, cause as I said I discovered it wasn't actually freezing but just slowing to a crawl in the scan. All is going as normal then about 75% through the scan it slows right down. I also don't see this archives thing that is mentioned. I am also using the "Charter SEcurty Suite"  version of F-secure.

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    What is the version you have?


    Right click to the tray icon.


    It could be your operator has a newer version but to figure that out you will need to contact support.

  • I have actually resolved this with a completel uninstallation and reinstallation, Thank you for attempting to help though.

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    Hello Formula21,


    completely uninstalling (UI tool) and reinstalling is always a good  option, reinstalling that way might solve quite many issues.


    Just no one wants to to that without some very convincing arguments.

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