Virus and Scanning Malfunction

F secure is saying that virus and spyware scanning has malfunctioned and that I must restart the computer.

I have done this many times but the problem remains.


Any ideas please

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  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,584
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    It sounds like a possible conflict. Do you have any other anti virus or security software installed on the machine?

    If not, then I would start by reinstalling F-Secure, which may just repair anything that might have gone wrong. If that fails or doesn't cure the problem, use the uninstall tool linked to below to fully remove F-Secure and start again.

    If all of the above fails, then you'll need to submit a support ticket with an FSDIAG, so that the support guys can take a look at your system.

    Let us know how you get on, or if you need further help with anything. :)


  • Hi


    Thanks for the help relaoding the software has cured the problem.



  • maxumaxu Posts: 2

    @gandl wrote:

    F secure is saying that virus and spyware scanning has malfunctioned and that I must restart the computer.

    I had the same problem on weekend with Internet Security 2014. The problem was told me by the Windows Action Center only, the F-Secure symbol in the taskbar did NOT show the problem. I had to click on the F-Secure symbol for reading the error message gandle wrote about. So maybe some people don't know about the problem yet. I suppose that an F-Secure update went wrong. A new installation of F-Secure solved the problem.

  • NikKNikK Posts: 931

    FYI, if a reinstall shouldn't solve the problem there are additional troubleshooting steps in this guide:


    Internet Security installation failing and/or program malfunctioning

  • maxumaxu Posts: 2

    @maxu wrote:

     A new installation of F-Secure solved the problem.

    I still have some small problems. I had Internet Security 2014 before. Without deinstalling the old version I used F-SecureNetworkInstallerUpg.exe for my new installation . The upgrade tool has automatically installed F-Secure 2015 instead of 2014. But now I cannot view my subscriptions. Maybe the upgrade voucher  FS-UPG-2015 was missing - I didn't know about it. In addition a manual scan suddenly stopped after scanning about 2740000 files.


    So I want to do a clean install. I have downloaded the uninstaller tool. I suppose that F-Secure 2015 will be installed during a new installation. Which installer file must I use after a complete deinstallation?  Which subscription number is necessary? The old one for F-Secure 2014?

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,584

    Assuming this is the stand alone Internet Security, and not SAFE, you can download the latest installer (for 2015) from the link below.  Your 2014 license key will still be valid for the 2015 version, assuming of course that the subscription hasn't expired.


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