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whenever I have Freedome active and login to facebook, or enable an app to use facebook login, Facebook tells me that there was an unrecognised device trying to log in and asks if that is ok.


The tricky bit is, that although I have set the proxy location to Germany, Facebook insists on seeing the login coming from Baghdad, Iraq. As you never know where that kind of information ends up, I would like to know if you are aware of this and if there is anything I can do about it.


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    Dear Belamanth,


    This is kind of interesting information indeed. Can you provide us with more information on this matter? What if you changed the location to other than Germany? Is it still informing you that the login is coming from Baghdad? Also, rest assured that all the information through Freedome are secured and encrypted.

  • Just tried it, changed the proxy location to Canada, but still Facebook thinks I'm logging in from Baghdad. When I switch Freedome off, I am correctly located near Munich.


    2014-09-30 23_26_09-Facebook.jpg

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    Having same problems. My fb account was locked few times due to logging in from "IP from Tehran, Iran". Any other whois services gives Nebula (Finland) as the location for that IP number, but fb thinks differently.


    I really like Freedome, but this is really annoying bug. And yes, I get it, a Facebook bug. Is there any way to speed up Facebook to correct this? Their support pages are nightmare Smiley Sad 


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