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Hello, I would like to ask in this forum You can leave yoursuggestions for improving the beta?

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  • PetriPetri Posts: 38

    Yes, this is the correct place to do that.



  • ElSidElSid Posts: 5

    I liked the 2011 version in that the antivirus can be downloaded by clicking on the icon, right-click on the icon bottom right aroundantivirus hours, it was very comfortable, only then noticed that this function was transferred to the section "Objectives." But still, it is much easier and faster version of it in 2011.

  • ElSidElSid Posts: 5

    by the way still is a problem I had, I have a post on the "" So the first time I've wanted to participate in your testing indicated this particular email, but I received a letter without any reference, I tried again and again the same thing and then I signed up through "yahoo", there have been references.

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    This is the registration on your site

  • ElSidElSid Posts: 5

    Even a small problem, I boot the system, it is not anti-virus icon appears near the clock, across time to boot.

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