Is there an exception list for banking protection?


As I'm working for a bank, every time I login the webmail system (which use SSL) when I work out of office, banking protection triggered and I can only keep ending it when the banking protection is triggered again so I can check out other websites like doing researches etc.


Is there an exception list that I can add to so I can keep banking protection from triggering when I use the webmail? Or could you please add an exclusion list fucnction to the fs protection?


Some notification saying banking protection activated with toolbar shown but displaying "not enabled" may help remind the user the site in use is not protected by banking protection.


  • Tahvo
    Tahvo Posts: 45 Explorer
    When the banking protection pops up you can select close and it wont use it anymore.
  • sscywong

    Problem is, as long as I'm still in the webmail system, even after I ended the session by pressing end, when there's data flow, the banking protection will re-enable and pop-up again


    Or is there a function in banking protection that allows it once being ended it will not pop up for that site for certain period of time? I don't mind to end it once every time I login my webmail system, but it is extremely annoying when I need to end it once every two minutes


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