Option to upgrade Internet Security to F-Secure Safe.

Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

I just bought a Internet Security license for 2 years and 3 PCs.

Unfortunately there is no way to upgrade current licenses to F-Secure Safe for less money.

Either I have to wait until my current license runs out or buy an extra key for F-Secure Safe.

Please add an option to upgrade licenses.



  • vicky77

    Agree! I have the same issue! It's very unfortunate and not customer friendly!

  • makan
    makan Posts: 18 Observer
    also happen to me... i have talk with cs and there is no way to upgrade from internet security to safe so i have to bought another license for f-secure safe
  • Davido

    I also get a message of a free upgrade but when I press to get it all I end up with is a smudged box and it does not let me accept the terms.


    My other problem is now I also get a box stating Failed to launch Virgin Media Cloud please re-install the application and again it will not let me.


    Not impressed with F-Secure will not extend contract if this is not resolved for me.