Freedome promotion has stopped after mobile factory reset

Hello there,
I was enjoying the 6 months free promotion of your FREEDOME  android app on my device. I was having this promotion thanks to the 'david' code. The thing is I had to do a factory reset of my device due to some problems I had with it. I have installed again the app on my device, however it doesn't recognise the device, neither my mobile number, therefore I don't have the promotion anymore. I was using it for about 3 months, so in theory I still have about 3 months left.
I want to ask you if there is anyway to recover the account I created and enjoy the few months I have left.
Thanks for your help.

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    Hello @Kapeesh ,


    I moved your post to that relevant board.

    As Freedome is a privacy app, we avoid collecting any data that could be used to identify our users. Thus, we are not able link the campaign codes or other similar special cases to app store usernames or IDs. That is why after reinstallation of our product, the promotion codes are not valid anymore. 


    Also for reference the article on "david" code


    We're sorry for the inconvenience. I sent you further information here in a private message, please check it as well.


  • Hello Ben,


    Thanks for your prompt answer, I understand now the reason why the promotion doesn't work with after factory reset. Looking forward if there is a solution and further information related with this, I have checked my private messages however I didn't find any, can you please resend it to me?. Thanks Ben.





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