Exclude files from scan, F-Secure page doesn't help


Hi, so I'm trying to exclude an item from a scan or whatever because it constantly gets quarantined even if i don't use it.

The  page http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security-for-PC/How-do-I-exclude-a-file-or/ta-p/15398 doesn't help me at all. The instructions it gives are things I can't do.one.jpg

In the image above, under the Actions portion, I set it to always ask me rather than if uncertain, ask me. This has only changed it so that the picture below appears.


There is no "Do nothing" option. Just now I was able to close the window and it did nothing like i wanted it to, but I doubt that's a permanent fix. I think after I restart my computer, it will prompt me again, and I wish to exclude it so i don't have to constantly close the window.


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    Unfortunately, if it's detected as a virus... this is from the help file:


    If the real-time or manual scanning detects an application that behaves like spyware or riskware but you know it to be safe, you can exclude it from scanning so that the product does not warn you about it anymore.

    Note: If the application behaves like a virus or other malicious software, it cannot be excluded.


    You can scan the file on https://www.virustotal.com/ to perhaps determine if it's a false positive and wrongly detected by F-Secure. If so submit it to F-Secure Labs as a False Positive:


    Create an SAS account from the link above if you want feedback of the results.

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    Hi EarlForte,


    From the screenshot, it is seen that the file is being identified as a virus. As mentioned by NikK, I would advice to create a ticket with our labs for analysis to check if the file might be identified as a false positive.


    Could you please submit a sample of the file/software to our Response Lab for analysis?
    Please send the samples in a single password-protected ZIP file. Use the password "infected", with different password it will take a longer process time for our lab engineers to decrypt the code. Send the ZIP file using our web form at


    (Please register when you submit the samples on our website and you will get the ticket ID from our lab, for example of ticket id T123456. On the Submit Sample page, if you need to contact our lab engineers, include your question or incident details in the "Message" field. Else, please leave it empty)



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