Freedome not working with WLAN, only 3G (iOS7.1.2)

As title says; Freedome is not working with WLAN, it doesn't enable, and always suggests to reinstall certificate. It works fine with 3G though. I created a video and submitted it to F-Secure via Support request (F-Secure Customer Care: 00301877), but they redirected me to this newsgroup. Any ideas?

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  • PaiviPaivi Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee

    I'm sorry for the delay with our response.


    If you are still suffering from the problem, we would like to look into it in more detail. Please let me know if this is still valid.




  • PaiviPaivi Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee

    Great to hear that everything works now. And thank you for letting us know.


    I ask for the video from our support team.




  • TechnoirTechnoir Posts: 2
    I have a time warner cable 100mbit account, they just replaced my router with a Technicolor router, IPSec passthrough is enabled, but now freedoms does not work. Just on mobile data.
    Always worked before upgrade to technicolor router. But only thing I find is the IPSec pass through and its enabled.
    Free some tells me to restart phone bc ios8 problem, but problem not resolved and freedoms works fine with 3G but as soon as I connect to technicolor router; no internet. Also internet works perfect on router when not in freedome.
  • TechnoirTechnoir Posts: 2
    Technicolor tc8715d
  • TehfcaeTehfcae Posts: 107
    Could you screen shot the error and send to us?

    You may have a corrupt VPN profile.

    Remove the profile from settings > general > profiles

    Make sure Safari is allowing JavaScript.

    Settings > Safari > Advanced > Check JavaScript and try again.

    Check for updates for Freedome and your iOS device.

    Run Freedome and reinstall the profile.

    If you are still having issues you may need to unisntall and reinstall Freedome.
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